Make A Referral

For General Practitioners:

You will need to formulate a Mental Health Care Plan for your patient as well as provide a written referral letter. You can send these documents via email or fax.


For Psychiatrists & Paediatricians:

You will need to provide a written referral letter for your patient. You can send this document via email or fax.


For Other Services:

You can recommend Flourish Therapy & Consulting to your clients and patients. They will require a Mental Health Care Plan and referral letter from their General Practitioner, or a referral letter from their psychiatrist or paediatrician.


For Families:

Some families would prefer to access support without a referral from a General Practitioner, Psychiatrist of Paediatrician. Flourish Therapy & Consulting is able to provide privately billed sessions; these do not attract any Medicare rebates.


Feedback for Referrers:

Under government-funded mental health programs, General Practitioners, Psychiatrists and Paediatricians will be provided a written report detailing assessments carried out, treatments provided and recommendations for future management. Other referrers may be provided with feedback on treatment only with the client's written consent.


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